Media Tracker Florida Goes Live!


In January of 2011, Media Trackers came online in Wisconsin.  Although not initially recognized as an investigative news source, the very first commentary laid the groundwork for the reporting, investigating, and exposing of corruption for which this website is now known.

Digging deep into Union involvement in politics, the efforts to recall Governor Walker, as well events across the state of Wisconsin and the nation, Media Trackers continues to turn the light of truth on the public sector.  Building on the model of  the investigative journalism in Wisconsin, Media Trackers is pleased to announce the launch of the Florida Division of Media Trackers.

Florida has long been a hotbed of politics, electoral shenanigans and corruption; Media Trackers will be seeking out those lurking in the shadows of the Sunshine State, working hard to encourage positive efforts made by the public sector, and bringing light to the areas where corruption and dirty dealing have taken root.

We look forward to bringing you insightful, hard-hitting, and eye-opening reporting!

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