Lyndon LaRouche Teams Target Florida


Just like the snowbirds from the north, multiple teams of Lyndon LaRouche disciples are flocking to Florida preaching the radical policies of the former Presidential candidate.

LaRouche campaigned on various conspiracy theories involving drug dealing, Henry Kissinger, and Queen Elizabeth II of England. In 1987 LaRouche was indicted on federal charges for blocking an investigation into credit card fraud regarding his campaign. A federal jury in 1988 convicted LaRouche on multiple counts, including mail fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud and tax evasion. He subsequently spent five years in a federal prison in Minnesota.

Last week, Media Trackers Florida found John Scialdone protesting outside a U.S. Post Office near Fort Lauderdale. Scialdone and his wife Margaret were on a mission to raise money for the LaRouche political action committee while calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama. Their table was adorned with pictures of Obama sporting a Hitler mustache and literature proclaiming many conspiracy theories regarding  the Federal Reserve, NASA, Neil Armstrong and drug dealing by the British monarchy.

Mrs. Scialdone said at least four teams were sent to Florida by LaRouche PAC. Scialdone already held protests in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton before arriving in Ft. Lauderdale.

Federal Elections Commission records show LaRouche PAC raised more than $5 million dollars during the 2012 election cycle.

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