Mann Backtracks, Admits Charging Up to $10,000 for Speaking Appearances


Controversial global warming alarmist Michael Mann on Thursday evening backtracked from public statements he made earlier in the day claiming Media Trackers Florida falsely claimed he charged $10,000 for a speaking event. On Thursday evening, Mann admitted on his Facebook page that his agent does charge up to $10,000 for speaking appearances by Mann.

Carducci published an article on the Media Trackers Florida website Wednesday afternoon documenting that Mann charges $10,000 in speaking fees. Carducci explained in her article how she made an inquiry for Mann to speak at a meeting to be organized by her family’s air conditioning business. Global warming regulations are already impacting air conditioning installation and use, and more regulations are likely in the future. Carducci’s family air conditioning business was hoping to host an event for area air conditioning specialists to listen to Mann’s presentation, ask Mann questions, and learn more about the issue.

Carducci was astonished at Mann’s speaking fee of $10,000 plus travel costs. Having already looked into speaker fees for scientists who are skeptical of the asserted global warming crisis, Carducci expected Mann to speak merely for the cost of travel and perhaps a small honorarium of $1,000 or less. When Carducci came across incendiary public statements by Mann claiming scientists who disagree with him are doing so simply for money, she decided to write her article documenting Mann’s exorbitant speaking fee.

The next morning, Thursday, Mann publicly accused Carducci of “falsely claiming that I was receiving 10K for a talk that I am giving at the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) Annual Meeting in Daytona.” The original Media Trackers article never mentioned the Sports Turf Managers Association or its annual meeting in Daytona.

Mann was forced to admit in his most recent Facebook post that his accusation was factually incorrect.

“My error,” he wrote. “But of course, the distinction has no bearing on any of the points made above.”

That accusation from Mann, however, formed the foundation of his screed against the original Media Trackers article. His Facebook post accused Media Trackers of “immediately promot[ing] a pure falsehood in an attempt to smear me.” Earlier in the same post, he wrote that he “would not complain” if people were paying him $10,000 to speak at events. As a result, it is unclear how citing the $10,000 figure, which Mann later acknowledged to be what his agent charges for Mann’s speaking appearances, constitutes a smear.

Media Trackers will continue to report on the significant fees that controversial climate alarmists such as Mann receive.


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