OPI Race Update: Welch Campaign Predicting Recount


With just over 83% of precincts reporting and the margin still razor thin, Sandy Welch campaign spokesperson Mitch Staley is predicting that the race will come down to a recount.

“We are headed for a recount,” stated Staley in a telephone interview with Media Trackers Montana. “It’s just a matter now of which campaign will be calling for it.”

As of 12:30PM, Democratic incumbent Denise Juneau holds a 2,953 vote lead with a total of 218,024 votes. Welch has gathered a total of 215,071 votes.

Staley stated that Welch and her campaign will wait until all the votes are counted before deciding on their next course of action. However, Staley emphasized that given the small margin between the two candidates and reported issues at voting precincts in the state, a recount will occur regardless of the outcome.

“There should be a recount if the final tally is within 5,000 votes,” he stated. “Right now we are looking at a margin of about 3,100 votes, and given all of the issues they had with late voting and voting machine problems, we need a recount to ensure a fair outcome.”

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