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A “Frank” Talk about Right to Work

Illinois is surrounded. Surrounded that is, by six states with right-to-work laws, and to counter what many in the Land of Lincoln feel may be the inevitable (Enactment of its own law), forces of the status quo are doing a full court press to maintain it. Among those is a familiar face to Wisconsinites, former Doyle […]

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To PETA, Cheese is Rape or Something

So it’s come to this with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and its continued assault on dairy farmers and the dairy industry in general. Cheese is Rape. Those aren’t my words, but those of PETA in its latest campaign announced over the weekend. You'd be surprised. Why Cheese Is the Most Sexist […]

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Interview: The USPS Whistle Blower Talks with Media Trackers

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has called Central Wisconsin postal worker Timm Kopp a “courageous whistle blower.” Two things are clear from talking with Kopp. First, he wears that title uncomfortably. Second, he had no political motivations when he complained about a longstanding practice last year that created staffing shortages at post offices around the country. […]

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The Complexity of Aggressive Recusal Laws

The five conservative jurists on the Wisconsin Supreme Court were heavily criticized in April for rejecting proposed rules that would have forced judges off of cases involving those who helped get them on the bench. As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported back then: The retired judges who asked for the rule to be rewritten argued there should […]

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Investigation Finds USPS Hatch Act Violation

An investigation requested by U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has found that  U.S. Postal Service practices during the 2016 election cycle violated the Hatch Act. Media Trackers exclusively reported last week that the investigation would likely find Hatch Act violations and we obtained the U.S. Office of Special Council’s final report on the probe Tuesday. Media […]

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