Red Flags From an Occupy Columbus Leader


Occupy Columbus is a small group that has often failed to keep even one protester at its “occupation” site in front of the Ohio Statehouse. Although Occupy Columbus likely has a brief shelf-life following ProgressOhio’s recent disavowal, unhinged members could lead the group to violence rather than a peaceful dissolution.

On May 9, 2012 — nine days after the FBI sting on Occupy Cleveland — Occupy Columbus leader Jesse C. Kloth, who goes by the pseudonym “Verbz Vegas,” posted a suggestion to the group’s Facebook page that perhaps the group should up the ante with violent “black bloc” tactics:

On his own Facebook page, Jesse Kloth uses an image of Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara for his cover photo. Kloth’s Facebook account is linked to a MySpace blog where he published the following three days after the elections in November of 2010:

2010…bad movie worse election. i dont give a shit about Obama’s approval rating. i dont like democrats or republicans. i am a socialist. if they wanna extend bush’s tax cuts, I’m more prone to pistol whipping rich people for their money. in actual fact, i actually prefer it that way. tea party says less government then get rid of the cops and let me taks out my aggression on aomeone who deserves it. if they dont want public option in health care they can deal with unmedicated antisocial personalities like me.

by the way…typing this on my phone so pardon the editing

so yeah…i am kind of pissed that the entire state of ohio went Republican but if people want to be stupid and lazy and vote for people who will bleed and rape them…reap it. if ya sat at home, fuck u too. i will take what i need. i want revolution just lime the tea baggers its just that when i bring my guns out it will be a different color of crowd.

On December 3, 2010, Kloth wrote:

so i drink me coffee and listen to NPR

i wonder where my next check will comefrom

i wonder why i cant put this damn phone down.

i wonder what happened to me going to AA im not drinking but the serene peaceful guy is shrinking

now i carry a gun almost all the time

sometimes for protection but mostly tso catch someone slippin

I’ve seen alot but it never seems worth it

violence paints the sky?

no…it paints the ground

ot floods the mind and becomes your friend

it is the ego

inside your mind saying it is you

and you becomes less and less prone to disagree


One of the photos on Kloth’s MySpace page appears to be Kloth with a handgun in his waistband, wearing a shirt matched to Revolutionary Communist Party co-founder Carl Dix by a Google Image search:

A search through Franklin County Municipal Court records for Jesse C. Kloth reveals a string of charges for misdemeanor offenses, many involving drugs and violence. No felony charges appear in Franklin County Common Pleas Court records.

According to his Facebook page, Kloth was employed by the AFL-CIO as a Working America field organizer from 2005 through 2009. He was mentioned as “one of labor’s many foot soldiers” in a 2006 New York Times story about AFL-CIO campaigning in Ohio. Kloth claims to have a Philosophy degree from Ohio Dominican University and is currently self-employed.

Several days before publication, Kloth was using Twitter to encourage his “comrades” rioting and attacking police at the NATO protests in Chicago. View even more screen captures and photographs that should stand out as red flags in our Occupy Columbus photo set on Flickr.

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