We Are Ohio Fights to Recall Wisconsin Governor


Yesterday union front We Are Ohio sent its mailing list a plea to volunteer for We Are Wisconsin in the latter group’s attempt to recall Governor Scott Walker (R) for reforming Wisconsin’s public union laws.

This is consistent with what Media Trackers has previously reported: We Are Ohio is a union-funded, union-led group working for the interests of Big Labor. Since We Are Ohio has received more than $20 million from unions outside Ohio, its efforts against a union foe outside Ohio should come as no surprise.

Following is an excerpt from the email imploring We Are Ohio supporters to travel to Wisconsin or work at We Are Ohio phone banks dedicated to recalling Wisconsin’s governor.

We just got a call from We Are Wisconsin about this Tuesday’s recall election: It’s neck and neck.

They need our help.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has almost closed the narrow lead held by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker despite the millions of dollars that anti-worker groups poured into the state to thwart and distort the will of Wisconsin’s citizens.

Our efforts to help them will make the difference.

Last fall, thousands of Wisconsinites traveled to Ohio to help us beat back Issue 2 and repeal Senate Bill 5.

Now, it’s our turn to repay the favor.

Their fight is our fight, and it will be seen nationally as a bellwether of what’s to come from anti-worker politicians.

Next Tuesday, our friends in this struggle have a chance to recall Governor Scott Walker and take back their state for the middle class and working people.

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