Ohio Education Association Hosts MSNBC Extremist Ed Schultz


The Ohio Education Association (OEA) brought MSNBC and progressive talk radio host Ed Schultz to Columbus for a speech to a union crowd before the October 22 presidential debate. Schultz, an aggressive Big Labor apologist, filmed multiple episodes of his cable show in Ohio last year to support the bosses at OEA and other unions desperate to block public employee union reform.

Describing a gallery of photos posted to OEA’s Facebook page, the union wrote, “MSNBC and progressive radio show host Ed Schultz joined us in Columbus for a Presidential Debate pre-party / Town Hall Lunch sponsored by OEA and WVKO 1580 AM. Approximately 75 people attended and several local candidates spoke. OEA Vice President Bill Leibensperger spoke about why a Yes vote is important on Issue 2.”

Progressive political views aren’t all Schultz has in common with OEA bosses. Ed Schultz has also made a tidy profit on the backs of union members.

Based on U.S. Department of Labor records, unions paid Schultz more than $300,000 for his fiery blue-collar routine in 2011 alone. The Communications Workers of America (CWA) paid Schultz $190,000, and the United Auto Workers (UAW) – bailed out in 2009 at taxpayer expense – paid Schultz $72,000.

OEA Vice President Bill Leibensperger, who shared the stage with Schultz on October 22, was paid $182,809 in 2011 according to the union’s annual report to the Department of Labor.

Get rid of extremism in our government” was one of the several slogans OEA and union front Voters First Ohio used to push the failed Issue 2 redistricting takeover, which Leibensperger promoted at the event where Schultz was a featured guest.

Even more so than OEA executives, Ed Schultz is an extreme leftist whose business is demonizing opponents of socialized medicine, union handouts, and punitive taxes on the wealthy.

NewsBusters, a project of the conservative Media Research Center, has long cataloged Schultz’s tirades against Republicans in general and conservatives in particular.

In 2009, Schultz screamed about Republican opposition to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on MSNBC’s The Ed Show. “The Republicans lie! They want to see you dead! They’d rather make money off your dead corpse! They kind of like it when that woman has cancer and they don’t have anything for her, ” Schultz said. “That’s how the insurance companies make money.”

In May 2011, Schultz referred to conservative radio host Laura Ingraham as a “right-wing slut” during a segment on his progressive radio show.

Reacting to comments Mitt Romney made in June 2012 criticizing President Obama’s support for additional union bailouts, Schultz said, “There’s no doubt in my mind that that guy who said let Detroit go bankrupt would let Detroit burn to the ground.”

Weeks before the November 6 election, Schultz vehemently repeated Obama for America talking points about conservatives being anti-women, asking, “Do you want them managing your vagina? Do you want them rolling back women’s rights 50 years?”

Ed Schultz championed the 2012 union smear campaign against Scott Walker in Wisconsin which preceded a failed attempt to remove the Republican governor. Upon learning that many union voters backed Walker in the recall election, Schultz said, “You got to explain to the country and to your union why the hell you did that.”

Ohio teachers might say the same to the OEA leaders who welcomed a notoriously venomous leftist on stage at an official union event.

[Editor’s note, 11/21/2012: Corrected the Media Research Center’s name, which I initially listed as “Media Research Council” for some reason.]


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