We Are Ohio: Solidarity With Some of Michigan


Union front group We Are Ohio updated its Facebook logo on December 8 to a graphic bearing the phrase “WE ARE WITH YOU” next to an image of the state of Michigan.

Michigan is highlighted in red in this partial map of the United States:

Following is the logo We Are Ohio currently displays to its 110,000 Facebook fans:

As a reminder, more than $20 million of the $42.1 million in campaign contributions We Are Ohio received in 2011 came from labor unions outside Ohio.

This is not the first time since the passage of a workplace freedom law in Michigan that We Are Ohio has expressed solidarity with Michigan union bosses while failing to accurately depict the state.

We Are Ohio excluded Michigan’s upper peninsula from a December 7 graphic comparing the workplace freedom law’s passage with the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

We Are Ohio excluded Michigan’s upper peninsula from a December 8 graphic airing union complaints against Republicans who passed the law quickly as Big Labor amassed a mob at the state’s capitol building.

We Are Ohio also excluded the northern peninsula from a December 8 graphic slamming the conservative Koch brothers, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

AFP and ALEC have both encouraged Michigan’s legislators to protect the right of Michigan workers to choose whether they will pay dues to a union. More than 95 percent of We Are Ohio’s funding has come from unions.

Apparently We Are Ohio finds Michigan’s upper peninsula inconvenient and therefore irrelevant – much like the job creation and wage growth trends in workplace freedom states compared to Ohio, Michigan, and Ohio’s other forced-unionism neighbors.

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