Ohio Hospitals Would Net Millions Without Charity Care Funding

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Contrary to Ohio Hospital Association (OHA) claims that the Ohio General Assembly must expand Medicaid to fund care for the poor, most of the hospital lobby’s members would have recorded positive net income in 2011 even with no charity care offsets.

President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), a central component of which Governor John Kasich seeks to implement by expanding Medicaid eligibility, was written to turn care providers into Medicaid lobbyists. Although Medicaid dramatically under-pays for services rendered, PPACA phases out federal funding that currently offsets some of the charity care hospitals are required to provide.

Several highlights from the Ohio hospital data in the following table:

  • Of 88 hospitals and networks, 26 reported no direct offsetting funds for charity care in their latest IRS filings
  • Only 16 of the 88 hospitals and networks reported negative revenue minus expenses – or would have, absent charity care offsets
  • Only 30 hospitals and networks reported charity care offsetting funds that exceeded 1 percent of their total revenue

For more details about the misleading Medicaid expansion arguments posed by OHA and Governor Kasich – and additional financial data from a dozen of Ohio’s largest healthcare providers – refer to this March 5 Media Trackers analysis.

All OHA members whose latest IRS 990 reports were available on GuideStar are listed below. Where denoted by an asterisk, amounts are from fiscal year 2010 reports; all other figures are from 2011 reports.

Ohio Hospital Association MemberTotal RevenueCharity Care Offsets as a % of RevenueNet Income Minus Charity Care Offsets
Adena Health System$377,780,8411.26%$(7,053,077)
Akron Children’s Hospital$524,374,8840.21%$41,509,800
Akron General Medical Center$500,095,0570%$17,761,396
Alliance Community Hospital$94,259,4230.47%$(3,860,470)
Ashtabula County Medical Center$92,135,8180%$198,505
Atrium Medical Center$252,460,1861.19%$5,751,301
Aultman Hospital$473,432,5371.13%$6,011,737
Barnesville Hospital$20,866,3581%$828,655
Belmont Community Hospital *$26,592,9011.29%$(755,429)
Blanchard Valley Regional Health Center$214,455,6240%$26,223,491
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital *$1,702,991,9560.35%$45,319,732
Cleveland Clinic$6,363,351,8070.01%$245,138,024
Community Hospitals & Wellness Centers *$77,896,4662.32%$3,175,560
Coshocton County Memorial Hospital$59,793,3190.64%$(3,194,786)
Dayton Children’s *$216,111,7610.04%$39,593,105
Diley Ridge Medical Center *$16,524,5670%$2,691,659
Drake Center *$64,270,9790.87%$(13,262,694)
East Liverpool City Hospital$60,663,6650.3%$(8,769,848)
East Ohio Regional Hospital$69,888,0100.44%$2,695,495
EMH Regional Medical Center$202,319,3860.78%$7,036,500
Fairfield Medical Center$211,399,2831.1%$7,962,727
Firelands Regional Medical Center$230,406,6460.86%$9,577,544
Fisher-Titus Medical Center$115,525,2450.48%$3,537,468
Fort Hamilton Hospital$101,275,7382.82%$1,005,706
Fulton County Health Center$76,248,4573.16%$234,243
Galion Community Hospital *$80,692,8971.22%$2,329,557
Genesis Healthcare System$320,488,9170%$23,345,357
Good Samaritan Dayton$382,920,9031.64%$13,648,025
Greene Memorial Hospital$75,245,1771.3%$(3,897,577)
Harrison Community Hospital$16,895,5940.04%$114,993
Henry County Hospital *$24,808,8780.40%$(165,238)
Holzer Medical Center *$37,835,6340%$(1,457,959)
Humility of Mary Health Partners$565,080,0641.27%$16,057,484
Kettering Medical Center$572,147,7580.55%$58,045,781
Knox Community Hospital$123,580,1380.85%$6,903,548
Lake Health$360,008,7461.36%$18,343,689
Licking Memorial Hospital$171,541,1662.09%$23,127,107
Lima Memorial Health System$157,924,2900.96%$2,367,440
Lindner Center of HOPE *$27,264,9690%$(2,513,095)
Lodi Community Hospital$18,056,0210%$777,075
Madison County Hospital$34,046,8430.84%$1,149,938
Magruder Hospital$51,177,1851.83%$1,975,760
Marietta Memorial Hospital *$229,634,9020.27%$7,044,798
Mary Rutan Hospital$79,909,5611.3%$1,103,378
McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital$63,344,7490%$965,301
MedCentral Health System$254,267,3570%$1,750,917
Memorial Hospital * (Fremont)$69,626,3240%$1,962,266
Mental Health Services for Clark and Madison Counties *$14,466,6744.59%$505,932
Mercy Hospital Anderson$189,651,2610.22%$29,089,522
Mercy Hospital Fairfield$216,940,0850.59%$28,128,978
Mercy Hospital Tiffin$59,083,0500.44%$4,767,292
Mercy Medical Center (Canton)$257,561,7760.71%$(8,957,149)
Mercy Regional Medical Center (Lorain)$197,536,7250%$2,100,696
Mercy St. Anne Hospital$92,340,2181.51%$(2,954,479)
Mercy St. Charles Hospital$150,176,0651.29%$3,622,554
Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center$441,047,3782.51%$(5,625,165)
Mercy Willard Hospital$24,028,1582.74%$2,047,150
Miami Valley Hospital$838,800,7261.54%$40,684,551
Mount Carmel Health *$680,228,0761.47%$115,928
Nationwide Children’s Hospital$1,095,240,9240.13%$154,242,620
OhioHealth *$2,128,788,6831.15%$263,517,616
Parma Community General Hospital$183,046,3260%$4,397,050
ProMedica Bay Park Hospital$84,760,6620%$5,525,792
ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital$62,716,5230%$11,332,913
ProMedica Flower Hospital$237,707,3130%$34,810,251
ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital$46,539,5720%$6,458,892
ProMedica St. Luke’s Hospital$188,835,4070%$13,606,224
ProMedica Toledo Hospital$711,321,3840%$4,097,441
Salem Community Hospital *$97,560,7141.49%$1,056,551
Samaritan Regional Health System$82,099,4761.09%$2,177,780
Selby General Hospital *$27,584,1291.17%$(1,985,556)
Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center$165,616,8040.71%$5,595,532
Southern Ohio Medical Center *$279,903,0450.50%$6,848,479
Southwest General Health Center$293,721,8750%$23,682,376
St. John Medical Center$153,939,6590.53%$9,249,720
St. Rita’s Medical Center$390,836,9910.96%$18,391,307
St. Vincent Charity Medical Center$132,463,9423.5%$(20,669,134)
Summa Health System$1,107,637,4830.44%$38,894,875
The Bellevue Hospital$47,675,8612.43%$3,069,081
The Christ Hospital * (Cincinnati)$636,176,2080%$5,732,545
Trinity Hospital *$187,383,0750%$5,940,095
Union Hospital$101,493,4620%$1,296,616
University Hospital * (Cincinnati)$683,952,1250.67%$27,872,164
University Hospitals (Cleveland)$2,084,141,0000%$174,140,000
Upper Valley Medical Center$151,629,2411.24%$4,394,768
Van Wert County Hospital$49,214,6510%$3,625,643
West Chester Medical Center *$125,274,0330.21%$(5,463,091)
Wood County Hospital *$92,369,9070%$4,528,763

Note: Many OHA members report financials as care provider networks instead of individual hospitals. For example, Dublin Methodist Hospital, Grant Medical Center, Riverside Methodist Hospital, and several other OHA members are subsidiaries of OhioHealth, and many Cleveland-area care providers are part of the Cleveland Clinic network.

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