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Ohio | Organizations

Ohio Pro-Life Groups Oppose Medicaid Expansion

Ohio Right to Life (ORTL) endorsed Medicaid expansion in February without input from its local affiliates, many of whom are against expanding Medicaid. Republican Governor John Kasich has nonetheless touted ORTL’s endorsement as proof his push for billions in new entitlement spending has conservative support.

Ohio | Organizations

Anti-Gun Activists Remain Unapologetic About Duping Ohioans

Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence Director Toby Hoover and Center for American Progress anti-gun leader Lance Orchid both failed to apologize for tricking Ohioans into joining gun control mailing lists when questioned at ComFest. A website created after a February 2012 school shooting was, unknown to those submitting condolences, created to promote anti-Second Amendment policies.

Ohio | Organizations

Canadian “Idle No More” Appeals to Ohio Progressives for Support

Representatives of Canadian anarchist organization Idle No More (INM) performed aboriginal dances and songs for roughly 20 onlookers in the annual Community Festival’s “Peace Village” tent in Columbus the final weekend in June. This year’s “ComFest,” a celebration of “cooperation and collective activity rather than competition and individual profit,” was attended by nearly 25,000.

Ohio | Organizations

Ohio Union Bosses: Workplace Freedom Kills Babies

Letting workers choose whether to pay a union increases workplace death and infant mortality rates, a document from union front group We Are Ohio warns. Media Trackers has already unraveled union bosses’ “right to work kills workers” rhetoric, but pinning infant deaths on workplace freedom is a new low.

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