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Pennsylvania | Organizations

Democrats, Unions in Philadelphia “Siamese Twins”,Veteran Writer Says

Highly respected, award winning journalist Tom Ferrick recently had an epiphany of sorts according to his website, Ferrick who was the Philadelphia Inquirer’s top political journalist in Harrisburg and Philadelphia during that paper’s glory days of high circulation and  Pulitzer  Prizes, told his readers  he had recognized “the local Democratic Party had close ties with organized labor.” […]

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Pennsylvania | Organizations

Philadelphia Teachers’ Union Balks at Work-Rule Reforms in Return for $140 Million Taxpayer Bailout

Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT) president Jerry Jordan said the teachers’ union is unlikely to agree to work-rule reforms that “do not raise student achievement or teacher quality” — even in exchange for a full $140 million in city, state, and federal funding for the financially-strapped school district. The nonprofit Philadelphia School Partnership has been […]

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