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Putnam Snubs Affordable Energy at Florida Energy Summit

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam is hosting the Florida Energy Summit next week in Orlando, but energy analysts say the Summit agenda snubs affordable energy and emphasizes failed renewable energy sources. Putnam claims the Summit will “explore how Florida can secure a stable, reliable and diverse supply of energy.” Nevertheless, the agenda is loaded with speakers advocating renewable energy that is unreliable and more expensive than…

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Another Energy Expert Criticizes Putnam's Study on Renewable Energy Subsidies

For the second time this week, a prominent energy expert is coming forward to report that an economic analysis of renewable energy subsidies presented by Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam was severely flawed. In April of this year, Putnam presented an “Independent Economic Analysis” of H.B. 7117, a newly passed law handing over $100 million in taxpayer funds to the renewable energy industry. Putnam said the analysis, written by John U…

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Renewable Energy Companies Shoveling Cash to Plakon

At least a dozen donors to Florida state Rep. Scott Plakon are in position to benefit from renewable energy handouts steered through the Florida legislature by the Longwood Republican, Media Trackers Florida has learned. During the 2012 legislative session, Plakon sponsored H.B. 7117, dubbed the Crony Energy Bill by the bill’s opponents. H.B. 7117 authorized $100 million in handouts to renewable energy companies, directed state regulators to giv…

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“Green” Energy Lobby Testifies Against Ohio Renewable Mandate Freeze

Environmentalist groups and “green” energy companies gave new testimony to the Ohio Senate’s Public Utilities Committee on April 30 as Senator Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati) began final preparations for a committee vote next week on Senate Bill 310 (SB 310). Introduced by Sen. Troy Balderson (R-Zanesville) in March, SB 310 would freeze the state’s Renewable and Advanced Energy Portfolio Standard (RAEPS) at the current requirement that ele…

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Putnam Failed to Disclose Conflicts of Interest Regarding Renewable Energy Study

…of the “independent economic analysis” largely responsible for convincing Gov. Rick Scott not to veto Florida’s renewable energy bill earlier this year was a paid consultant for several renewable energy industry groups, Media Trackers Florida has learned. Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, who commissioned the study and emphasized its findings to convince Scott not to veto the bill, never disclosed the author’s severe conflicts of int…

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Green Energy Lobbyists Defend Ohio Electricity Mandates

…al or modify “green” electricity mandates Ohio enacted in 2008 face fierce opposition from renewable energy lobbyists and environmentalist groups, who claim the state restrictions save Ohioans money. Leading supporters of the mandates include Ohio Advanced Energy Economy (AEE Ohio), an industry coalition, and Ohio Environmental Council (OEC), an environmentalist nonprofit. AEE Ohio, a partner of a national group, counts dozens of rene…

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Opportunity Ohio Report Explores Government Threats to Ohio’s Energy Industry

Ohio can be a leader in the energy industry if federal and state policies allow it, according to a recently released Opportunity Ohio report. Writing for the free-market think tank, Mary McCleary detailed the history of Ohio’s energy industry and the threats it faces from politicians in Washington and Columbus. McCleary recounted Ohio’s past as a leader in energy production. Standard Oil – founded in 1870 in Cleveland – e…

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Plakon Commercial Touts Flawed Study Praising Renewable Energy Subsidies

…-Longwood) is airing a campaign commercial claiming his legislation requiring Florida taxpayers to subsidize the renewable energy industry will create 3,500 jobs, even though several prominent energy economists have determined the subsidies will punish the Florida economy.  The lone study to predict 3,500 new jobs was written by a consultant who was regularly paid by renewable energy interests that benefited from Plakon’s legislation. In a…

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Putnam Admits State’s Renewable Energy Priorities Are Raising Consumer Costs

Renewable energy sources promoted in the upcoming 2012 Florida Energy Summit and H.B. 7117, the state’s recently enacted renewable energy bill, are more expensive than the natural gas power they will replace, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putman acknowledged in a meeting with conservative grassroots leaders at the state capitol. The higher electricity prices are justified, Putnam asserted, because the state needs to have alternative power source…

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Putnam’s Renewable Subsidies Study Was Severely Flawed, Economist Finds

An analysis of renewable energy subsidies presented by Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam to justify H.B. 7117, the state’s newly enacted renewable energy bill, was severely flawed, a highly respected energy economist reports. Tom Tanton, president of the energy and economics consulting firm T2 & Associates, told Media Trackers Florida the Putnam study is one-sided, misleading and incomplete. Earlier this year, the Florida legislature pass…

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