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Union Rep Runs for Assembly Seat in Milwaukee

John Redmond (D), who is challenging incumbent Jessie Rodriguez (R) in Wisconsin’s 21st Assembly district, is also drawing a $100,000 paycheck from the Teamsters Union. John Redmond recently defeated Frank Disco Gratke in the Democratic primary clearing the way for a general election challenge to incumbent Jessie Rodriguez in Wisconsin’s 21st Assembly district. In the […]

RacistCopsWJN Organizations

National Union Representing Milwaukee Police Embraces Wisconsin Anti-Cop Organizer

She is the executive director of a group that has referred to Milwaukee police as racists, killers and even animals, but despite being the parent union for Milwaukee’s police union, the leadership of the AFl-CIO has embraced anti-cop agitator and Wisconsin Jobs Now executive director Jennifer Epps-Addison. Epps-Addison took over the reins of union-front group […]

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