Now Facts Require “Trigger Warnings”

University students in Colorado were so disturbed by graphics on an Americans For Tax Reform tour bus, that the group recently was ordered to move out of the lot they were paying to park in. The graphics on the bus however, were simply statements about the Obamacare taxes still in effect. Facts, that were apparently […]


Energy Boom in Marietta Boosts Local Economy, Government Revenues

City officials in Marietta, a southeastern Ohio town located on top of the Marcellus and Utica shale formations, credit the oil and gas industry with helping to boost the local economy and increasing tax revenues as a result. After noting that some portion of local companies’ higher profits may have been due to layoffs, Marietta […]


Columbus Dispatch Editors Cheer Kasich’s Redistribution Plan

The editorial board of The Columbus Dispatch encouraged Governor John Kasich to press on with his plan fund a statewide income tax credit with a tax hike on oil and gas “fracking” in a December 5 editorial. Arguing for the wealth redistribution aspect of Kasich’s severance tax proposal, the Dispatch editors demonstrated why they are […]


Opportunity Ohio Disputes Kasich’s Severance Tax Claims

Matt Mayer of conservative think tank Opportunity Ohio has released a paper disputing ten claims used to support Governor John Kasich’s push for a tax increase on the oil and gas industry. The paper was published August 23 on the Opportunity Ohio website. Kasich, a Republican, spent much of the spring and summer promoting a […]


State Rep. Brenner Plans to Introduce Bill Eliminating Tax On Olympic Medals

In an exclusive interview with Media Trackers Ohio, State Representative Andrew Brenner (R-Powell) revealed plans to introduce legislation to eliminate the so-called “Olympic medal tax” on Ohio residents competing in the Olympic Games. Numerous Ohio-born athletes are competing in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England, including archer Jacob Wukie; boxers Terrell Gausha and Rau’Shee […]


State Representative Warns Citizen Not To Distribute Tax Pledge

State Representative Dorothy Pelanda, when asked to sign a pledge not to increase Ohio’s oil and gas severance taxes, replied to a constituent with a thinly-veiled threat against the Ohio Tax Pledge. Instead of responding directly to the citizen’s request, Pelanda copied and pasted a section of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) which spells out […]