Assembly Democrats Attack Thatcher

In a gesture to remember the late Lady Margaret Thatcher, a bipartisan cadre of Wisconsin legislators submitted a joint resolution honoring her life and legacy. Such resolutions generally pass with little opposition and are often designed to recognize the life or worthy accomplishments of some person. Last session, for example, the legislature declared December 12, […]


Rep. Gordon Hintz Offers Dating Advice

A state lawmaker who once pled no-contest to the charge of asking for sexual favors offered a helpful bit of dating advice on his Facebook page last month. State Rep. Gordon Hintz (D – Oshkosh) posted a clever little rhyme on his official Facebook page along with a link to a press release by the […]


Assembly Modifies, Passes Obamacare Compliance

By Brian Sikma Last night, the Republican-led Assembly passed AB 210, the Obamacare compliance bill, by a vote of 57-39. Only five Republicans broke ranks from the majority and opposed the bill, and three Democrats left their party line to support the bill. The measure will now head to the Senate where the debate over […]