Sen. Fred Risser (L) with Rep. Chris Taylor (R), a former Planned Parenthood official, at a Planned Parenthood event in January, 2015 Political Parties

There’s At Least One Vote We Know He Missed

To commemorate the 90th Birthday of state Senator Fred Risser (D-Madison), the nation’s longest serving state lawmaker, a number of Wisconsin media outlets have produced a series of puff pieces for the event. Last week, Wisconsin Public Radio’s Joy Cardin Show started it off by pointing out the numerous legislative hits and misses in he […]


Media Analysis: “So Rumor Qualifies as News Now?”

For a profession so obsessed these days with the proliferation of “Fake News,” you’d think they’d know it when it comes up and smacks them in the face. Apparently not, because Monday saw a number of national and Wisconsin-based news outlets go into a tailspin based solely on the words of one the most partisan […]


Media Attempts to Emphasize Murderer’s “Constitutionalist” Beliefs

While the tragedy remains under investigation with officials saying that they still don’t know exactly why the man did it, the Billings Gazette headlined a Facebook post about the incident with seemingly irrelevant information from an Associated Press (AP) article that the man apparently owned books that espouse “constitutionalist” or “anti-government” beliefs.