Evers Shows His Opposition to Choice in All Kinds of Education

He may not officially be an “announced candidate” for governor, but Wisconsin State Superintendent for Public Instruction Tony Evers has already staked out its avenue of attack for the 2018 gubernatorial campaign: President Donald Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. In a fund raising email sent to its supporters last week, “Team Tony Evers” […]


Bill Would Take Former Presidents Off The Government Dole

If former President Barack Obama can pull down a $65 million book deal for his memoirs and thousands more in speaking engagements within weeks of leaving office, should taxpayers help provide for his retirement? What about former President Bill Clinton, who together with his wife Hillary, made $153 million from speeches alone before the 2016 campaign began in earnest? […]


How Far Could Congress Go With Congressional Review Act?

While there isn’t much for members of Congress to talk about in regards to newly passed legislation this Easter Recess, one area of success they can point is the rolling back of a number of last-minute Obama Administration rules and regulations. This was done through the use of something known as the Congressional Review Act (CRA). The Congressional […]


Senator Johnson Leads Effort to Eliminate “Blacklisting” Rule

‘Due Process under the law.’ That’s the cornerstone of the American legal system and with a 49-48 vote Monday night on a Senate resolution, the United States Congress helped ensure it would remain as such for all businesses seeking government contracts. In the latest in a series of votes by the Republican Congress to overturn and undo […]