Gahanna Mayor’s Tax Plan Supported by Misleading Messaging

Gahanna City Council member Karen Angelou has questioned the “facts” supporting Mayor Becky Stinchcomb’s tax “reform” plan, coming to the conclusion that the mayor and her allies are trying to mislead Gahanna voters. Angelou’s conclusion seems to be supported by data from a recently leaked Ohio Regional Income Tax Authority (RITA) memo. Supporters of Stinchcomb’s proposal […]


Gahanna Mayor Defends Tax Proposal Facing Voters in May

Gahanna Mayor Becky Stinchcomb has proposed changes to her city’s income tax structure which would cut taxes for many residents who work outside the city, while sharply increasing the local tax bills of residents who work inside city limits. During an interview with Media Trackers, Stinchcomb — a Republican — defended her plan to avoid […]