Herb Kohl’s Nephew to Run Against Glenn Grothman

Will a last name be enough to land you into a seat in Congress? That’s what Dan Kohl, the 51 year old nephew of former U.S. Senator Herb Kohl (D-Milwaukee) and a Mequon area businessman, is hoping with his challenge against 6th District Congressman Glenn Grothman (R-Glenbeulah). Kohl, along with Scott Olmer of Plymouth, are hoping […]


Bill Would Take Former Presidents Off The Government Dole

If former President Barack Obama can pull down a $65 million book deal for his memoirs and thousands more in speaking engagements within weeks of leaving office, should taxpayers help provide for his retirement? What about former President Bill Clinton, who together with his wife Hillary, made $153 million from speeches alone before the 2016 campaign began in earnest? […]


Federal Judge Orders Partial Restoration of Weekend Voting

United States District Court judge Peter Economus, a registered Democrat appointed by President Clinton, ruled in favor of President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign today, instructing Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted to allow early in-person voting the weekend before the November election. Ohio’s early in-person absentee voting hours begin in less than a month, and all registered […]