Will Milwaukee County Sue to Preserve “Sanctuary County” Status?

For a county leadership that denies it’s a “Sanctuary County” when it comes to dealing with illegal immigration, they sure are doing everything possible to substantiate that they are one. Reported first by CBS 58 in Milwaukee, the Milwaukee County of Board of Supervisors is considering suing the U.S Department of Justice over its recent decision […]


Wisconsin Democrats Declare Victory in an Imaginary Race

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is not running for the U.S. Senate against Tammy Baldwin. He confirmed this himself nearly two months ago, but that hasn’t stopped a number of people from doing all they can to exploit his political star power for themselves or others. On the Right there’s a political action committee (PAC) doing […]


Mayor Tom Barrett Misleads on Key Facts During Gun Control Debate

By Paul Thurman On Tuesday night, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett misled viewers with outdated statistics and factually dishonest claims about furloughed police officers in an interview with CNN host Piers Morgan and Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke. Barrett, a co-founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, stated that 40 percent of all gun sales happen privately without […]


Why Liberals Hate Sheriff David Clarke

By: Brian Sikma Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee has taken a beating from both the press and members of his own party for suggesting that law-abiding citizens consider owning a firearm to protect themselves. Clarke, a Democrat, made the suggestion in a public service announcement asking citizens to support law enforcement and take personal responsibility […]


Brown County Sheriff Captain Defends Concealed Carry Law

By Collin Roth Brown County Sheriff Captain Randy Schultz shot back at Sheboygan County District Attorney Joe DeCecco’s comments that blasted the new concealed carry law for putting “our officers at risk when they are simply trying to do their sworn duty and remain as safe as possible.” DeCecco felt that the new law, which forbids […]