Rhetoric vs. Reality on Constitutional Carry

When it comes to the debate over guns, it is often easy for the rhetoric used to become quite loaded; especially from opponents who wish to restrict freedom and legal use. That certainly was the case earlier this year when a bill allowing permitless concealed carry, or what is commonly known as “Constitutional Carry” was […]


More Challenges to Flynn’s CCW Claims

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn this week argued that the state’s concealed carry law was fueling his city’s growing crime problem. But the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s 2016 annual report on the CCW law appears to challenge Flynn’s assertion. Flynn made his comments during a panel discussion on Milwaukee’s crime problem: The audience was able […]

Will 2017 be the Year of Constitutional Carry?

If you believe you’re hearing about the subject of constitutional carry a lot lately, you wouldn’t be alone. 2017 is looking to be the year where legislators across the country make one of the largest efforts to expand gun rights. When state Senator Dave Craig (R-Big Bend) and state Rep. Mary Felzkowski (R-Irma) announced their […]


Lawmakers Circulate “Constitutional Carry” Bill for Wisconsin

A pair of Wisconsin lawmakers today have begun circulating for co-sponsorship a bill that would make Wisconsin a “constitutional carry” state. Under current law, the “open” or exposed carry of a firearm is legal without a concealed carry license. The “Right to Carry Act,” authored by State Senator David Craig and Representative Mary Felzkowski would remove […]


Craig: Shorten Recount Request Deadline

A state lawmaker believes the time given to request election recounts in Wisconsin should be shortened. State Representative David Craig suspects Green Party candidate Jill Green waited until the 11th hour to request a recount of Wisconsin’s presidential election results to disrupt the process of Donald Trump’s victory being made official by the Electoral College. […]


Supreme Decree: No Election Integrity with Photo ID

By: Brian Sikma Late Thursday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court declared that it would not hear arguments in two cases challenging the state’s photo ID law before election day. In an anonymous order the Court said that it was declining the motion of the Attorney General to bypass the appellate courts and take up the photo […]


Skepticism of Obamacare Compliance Mounts

By Brian Sikma Even as a bill to lay the foundation for an Obamacare insurance exchange makes its way through the state legislature, some lawmakers are expressing concern. Although they are in the minority at this point, their concerns could gain traction as Tea Party groups continue to express their own dissatisfaction with the state’s […]


Lawmakers Want “Silly” Doyle-Era Mascot Ban Repealed

By Brian Sikma At the end of September, a Waukesha County, Wisconsin judge blocked the implementation of the state’s 2010 ban on so-called race-based mascots. The ban focuses on eliminating all public school mascots that have Native American themes. A Media Trackers study recently took stock of how much money the mandated mascot changes would […]