DPI Candidate Admits He’s Still a Progressive; Just Not on Education Issues

Saying he is running to head up Wisconsin’s education bureaucracy, and not for governor, candidate for state Superintendent of Public Instruction John Humphries on Thursday addressed many of the controversies swirling around his recent political past. Humphries, a veteran school administrator at a number of various school districts throughout Wisconsin, joined talk radio host and Media Trackers Communication […]


Arbitrary PolitiFact Opinion Defends DPI, Liberal Bias

After nationally syndicated columnist George Will wrote a column highlighting the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s promotion of anti-white privilege initiatives, PolitiFact Wisconsin went to work labeling Will’s piece “Mostly False.” In throwing out that rating, PolitiFact made an arbitrary editorial decision that focused more on the Department of Public Instruction’s defense and than the […]


Dept. of Public Instruction Website Riddled With Spelling Errors

By: Brian Sikma State Rep. Don Pridemore (R) was ridiculed by the Left after a blatant and embarrassing spelling error appeared on a campaign press release announcing his candidacy for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. The job of state superintendent is to lead the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, DPI, which oversees all public schools […]