A Look at the Man Vying to Be Assembly Dems Next Leader

Oshkosh Representative Gordon Hintz has announced he will seek the post of Assembly minority leader. So, it seems an appropriate time to review his past behavior while in the Assembly. Former Assembly Democratic leader Peter Barca resigned after fellow Democrats criticized him for his yes vote on the Foxconn development proposal. Hinz’s bid for leader […]

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Is a Coup Against Peter Barca Coming?

There might be more at stake than just 13,000 potential jobs with the Foxconn deal. Such as, who leads the Assembly Democratic Caucus in the near future. Currently, Wisconsin Assembly Democrats are led by state Rep. Peter Barca (D-Kenosha). Barca has been the leader since the Democrats lost the Assembly majority in the 2010 midterms. In the […]


Rep. Gordon Hintz Offers Dating Advice

A state lawmaker who once pled no-contest to the charge of asking for sexual favors offered a helpful bit of dating advice on his Facebook page last month. State Rep. Gordon Hintz (D – Oshkosh) posted a clever little rhyme on his official Facebook page along with a link to a press release by the […]


Where is the Integrity in the Democratic Party?

Where is the honor in the Democratic party in Wisconsin? For weeks 14 Wisconsin Democrat Senators have absconded their duty to represent their districts and fled to Illinois to avoid voting on the controversial budget repair bill. Failing to represent their constitutes and walking off the job is a pretty big indication of character, but […]