Ohio Education Association Hosts MSNBC Extremist Ed Schultz

The Ohio Education Association (OEA) brought MSNBC and progressive talk radio host Ed Schultz to Columbus for a speech to a union crowd before the October 22 presidential debate. Schultz, an aggressive Big Labor apologist, filmed multiple episodes of his cable show in Ohio last year to support the bosses at OEA and other unions […]


Unions Prepare New Campaign for School Funding Reform

“Strong Schools Strong Communities” is a new school funding reform group created by labor unions but nonetheless identified as “grassroots” by Ohio’s legacy media. Reporting on a November 12 Strong Schools Strong Communities press conference, The Columbus Dispatch, FOX 28, and ABC 6 all repeated without skepticism the self-description of the group backed by the Ohio […]


Teachers Union Celebrates Victory in Ohio for Big Government

The Ohio Education Association (OEA), Ohio’s largest labor union, spent the past six months promoting progressive candidates and policies and is now celebrating widespread success. Like its parent union the National Education Association (NEA), OEA is a business which relies on bigger government, higher taxes, and politicians who will deliver both. NEA and OEA have been firm […]


“Moving Ohio Forward” is a D.C. Union Front

Progressive super PAC Moving Ohio Forward is a labor front group launched in September with two $500,000 contributions from Washington, D.C. unions. Ohio Education Association (OEA) Secretary-Treasurer James Timlin is the treasurer of Moving Ohio Forward, which campaigned in support of ten Democrat candidates for the Ohio House. Nine of the ten candidates backed by […]


Teachers Union Works With Leftist Groups to Train Legislative Candidates

Several teachers who are members of the Ohio Education Association (OEA) – Ohio’s largest public employee union – are campaigning to transition into professional politics with training from far-left organizations. Using last year’s failed Republican attempt at public union reform as motivation, OEA is promoting the candidacies of public school teachers the union has groomed for […]