Revisiting the Champions of Prevailing Wage Reform

Repealing the prevailing wage law in Wisconsin has been a battle for Republicans since the planning of the 2015-17 state budget, and in the last budget, was successfully repealed. Over the years, repealing prevailing wage was met with opposition from both sides, including figures like Speaker Robin Vos, who stripped State Representative Andre Jacque from his Assembly committee chairmanships […]


Vos Attacks Senate Trio as Renegade Hijackers Who Achieved Little

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos attacked a trio of state senators as “renegades” and hostage takers because of their opposition to items included in the budget that was ultimately passed by the state senate. While the budget bill is in its final stages of passage, in an interview with Joy Cardin of the Wisconsin Public Radio, […]


State Journal Cherry Picks Facts About School District Budgets

By: Paul Thurman School districts cited by the Wisconsin State Journal as evidence of alleged fiscal devastation caused by Governor Scott Walker’s first budget and early policy reforms did in fact use Act 10 to achieve taxpayer savings and manage their finances, Media Trackers has discovered. Schools in Verona and Portage have, according to research compiled by […]


Encouraging New Jobs Numbers In Wisconsin

By Collin Roth On Thursday, a new jobs report was released detailing the addition of 12,900 private sector job in Wisconsin. Since Governor Walker took office in January with the mission of making Wisconsin “open for business,” the state has added 39,300 private sector jobs in just six months. With June’s numbers accounting for half […]