Open Government

City of Green Bay Denies Open Records Request, Again

The Green Bay Mayor’s office is sticking by its contention that departmental spending requests are not subject to the state’s open records law. The Green Bay Press-Gazette reported last week that Assistant City Attorney Joanne Bungert refused the request, saying the requests are drafts and therefore are exempt from the open records law. On Monday […]


Did Green Bay Get the Law Right on a Recent Open Records Request?

The Green Bay Press-Gazette reported last week that the Green Bay Mayor’s office refused to release the spending requests  that city department heads presented to Mayor Jim Schmitt as part of his 2018 budget preparation. The Press-Gazette reported that Assistant City Attorney Joanne Bungert denied an open records request for the documents, saying they are drafts […]


Evers includes Conservative Talk Stations in Anti-Foxconn(APPARENTLY VERY SMALL) Media Buy

State Superintendent of Schools Tony Evers launched his first radio ad Monday in his campaign to earn the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican Governor Scott Walker next year. The ad running in the Green Bay, Milwaukee and Wausau markets sharply criticizes the proposed agreement with Foxconn to bring thousands of jobs to Wisconsin. What’s notable […]


Assembly Ed. Plan Could Cost Milwaukee, Green Bay Schools Millions

Green Bay Public schools have been bleeding students to other school districts for years through open-enrollment. And under a K-12 education spending plan unveiled by Republicans this week, the loss of students to other public school districts could cost Green Bay more than $2 million a school year in state aid. When a student transfers […]


TV Headline: “Future of Education Depends on Referendum”

Hyperbole in teases and headlines has become a staple of the television news industry. In the 1970’s and 80’s it became industry standard to instill a threat of risk or loss in  viewers: “are you children safe at school,” “is the food you’re feeding your family safe.” A television station in Milwaukee actually did a […]


Green Bay Parents Can Petition to Get School Choice

The expansion of the school choice program by The Joint Finance Committee last week caused shock waves in the education community. Many in the public sector argued against lifting limitations on the program in Milwaukee and against expanding it entirely to Racine. What was missed in the coverage of the issue was that residents of […]