Evers Sides With Arbitrator Over Teacher Who Alleged Harassment

A Middleton School District Summary Report of Findings concluded that teacher Andrew Harris harassed and retaliated against a teacher who reported him for viewing pornographic images on a school computer. But a State Department of Instruction spokesman told Media Trackers that the woman’s claims could “not be substantiated when put under review.” The review Thomas McCarthy […]


Tony Evers and “Immoral Conduct”

The Republican Party of Wisconsin is hitting Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers for his decision three years ago not to revoke the license of a teacher who had watched pornography at school. Middleton Teacher Andrew Harris was fired in 2010 after he and other teachers looked at sexually explicit images at school. But an arbitrator ruled […]


Ammo Ban Advocates Retreat, Experts Say Hollow Point Ammo Safer

By: Brian Sikma The Democratic lawmakers who circulated a draft bill banning ammunition used in hunting deer and bear in Wisconsin have backtracked on their plan. In a letter to legislative colleagues signed by Rep. Fred Kessler, the lawmakers admit they did not know their ban would actually conflict with Department of Natural Resources hunting […]