Can Randy Bryce Run Nationally, But Win Locally?

Democrat Randy Bryce is running for Wisconsin’s First Congressional District against House Speaker Paul Ryan, but a look at his schedule highlights his campaign is almost entirely nationally based. Will that equate to local support? Time will tell, but where Bryce is spending most of his time is telling. According to the Bryce campaign’s own […]


“Hollywood” Tammy Baldwin

The election is still 15 months away, but Wisconsin Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin’s re-election bid apparently has already gotten the attention of some Hollywood celebrities. Baldwin’s 2nd Quarter campaign finance report includes contributions from actresses Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon and Barbara Streisand. Each woman gave Baldwin $1,000. None of the three are noted for their […]


Media Tracker Florida Goes Live!

In January of 2011, Media Trackers came online in Wisconsin.  Although not initially recognized as an investigative news source, the very first commentary laid the groundwork for the reporting, investigating, and exposing of corruption for which this website is now known. Digging deep into Union involvement in politics, the efforts to recall Governor Walker, as well events across […]