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Gannett Stunningly Indifferent to Attack on Sen. Rand Paul

An alleged dispute over lawn clippings led to US Senator Rand Paul breaking five ribs with lacerations to his lungs after his neighbor attacked him. But even after this serious event, Gannett news outlets, including the Journal Sentinel are seemingly taking the attacker’s side or, at the very least, downplaying the incident. While there was […]

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The Journal-Sentinel’s Photo ID Hypocrisy

The distance between stating something as  fact and strongly implying it is fact appears to be wide when it comes to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Their PolitiFact operation put this Tammy Baldwin tweet to its “truth-o-meter” test: Voter turnout in 2016 was reduced by approx. 200,000 votes because of WI’s photo ID laws. We need to […]


Journal Sentinel Exec Makes More than Summerfest Boss

It was a not so subtle jab at executive salaries. A detailed report last month by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel probed the salary of Summerfest CEO Don Smiley. Smiley is charged with managing the annual music festival that takes place every summer for 11 days in Milwaukee. Although the report compared Smiley’s salary to that […]


Lawmakers Seek to Raise Price of Transparency

It is a short bill that’s getting a lot of attention from some media outlets in the state. AB 26, introduced by 7 Republicans and 1 Democrat, would raise the cost of open records requests, say opponents. Specifically, the bill allows government entities whose records have been requested to charge extra fees for the cost […]

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