Dems Attempt to Mobilize Lobbyists Against Licensing Reform

A pair of Democratic state lawmakers is urging lobbyists to fight professional licensing reform. Representative Jonathan Brostoff and Senator LaTonya Johnson sent out this email to lobbyists, obtained by Media Trackers: Current initiatives in Wisconsin could have a detrimental impact on an industry you lobby for and the integrity of the work done under the […]


Lobbyist Money Could Flow Sooner Under Plan

A sweeping overhaul of campaign finance regulations and some portions of state election law would enable lawmakers to collect checks from lobbyists sooner than they can now. Right now, state law says that a candidate for partisan state office may not take a campaign contribution from a lobbyist before June 1 of an election year or after election day.


Partisan Bill Allowing Voter Preregistration By 16-Year-Olds Moves Through Colorado General Assembly

House Bill 1135 (HB 1135), which would allow 16- and 17-year-olds to preregister to vote in Colorado, has turned into a one-sided attempt by Democrats to boost youth registration in the state despite proponents’ claims of bipartisanship with a goal of fair and accessible elections. While over 85 individual lobbyists and consulting groups have signed […]


MAIG Recruits Colorado Lobbyist To Advocate For Democrats’ Anti-Gun Bills

Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) and other anti-Second Amendment groups had already begun laying groundwork for a heated policy debate prior to yesterday’s announcement of several controversial gun measures to be introduced by the Colorado Democratic leadership. In preparation, MAIG recently hired a Denver-based consulting firm to represent its interests in the 2013 legislative session. […]


Ousted Florida Rep. Chris Dorworth Joins Powerful Lobbying Firm

Florida Rep. Chris Dorworth (R-Lake Mary), the powerful legislator who was expected to become Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives in 2013 but lost his reelection bid in the November 2012 elections, announced he will oversee the Orlando operations of the large and powerful lobbying firm Ballard Partners. Ballard Partners president Brian Ballard announced […]