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PolitiFact Wisconsin’s Strange Priorities

Do we now know more about Governor Scott Walker’s hair than we do about whether Congressman Mark Pocan (D-Madison) sponsored an anti-Israeli forum on Capitol Hill? That looks to be the case with one of the latest editions of PolitiFact Wisconsin’s series of fact checks. In a piece entitled “A Hairy Situation” which ran on Monday July […]


Pocan No-Shows at Own Anti-Israeli Forum

So much for standing up for what you sponsor. According to a follow-up report from the Washington Free Beacon‘s Adam Kredo, U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison) failed to appear at an anti-Israeli forum he was sponsoring on Capitol Hill. Pocan was exposed as being the chief sponsor last week, but his press office failed to […]

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Wisconsin Media Blackout on Pocan Story

For a politician who often seems like he can’t get enough press coverage, U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison) has suddenly gone quiet about one story; whether or not he’s the lead sponsor for any anti-Israeli forum on Capitol Hill. Early last week, Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon reported that an unknown member of Congress […]

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Media Analysis: “So Rumor Qualifies as News Now?”

For a profession so obsessed these days with the proliferation of “Fake News,” you’d think they’d know it when it comes up and smacks them in the face. Apparently not, because Monday saw a number of national and Wisconsin-based news outlets go into a tailspin based solely on the words of one the most partisan […]

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Mark Pocan’s School Voucher Hatred Goes National

Wisconsin Congressman Mark Pocan (D-Black Earth) has never been a fan of school voucher programs both in the Badger State and nationally; now he’s going to have his own taxpayer-recognized clubhouse to say so. On Tuesday, Pocan’s war with school vouchers continued when he was introduced as a founding member of the House Public Education Caucus. […]

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Liberal WI Democrats Issue Identical Smear Press Releases

Liberal Wisconsin Democrats are attempting to smear Rebecca Bradley’s campaign for WI State Supreme Court by issuing press releases that are nearly identical.  The press releases reference insensitive remarks that Bradley wrote as a young college student for her student newspaper nearly a quarter century ago. Bradley faces liberal judge JoAnne Kloppenburg in the election. […]


Pocan Campaign Funded by ALEC Companies

By: Brian Sikma Publicly he’s a crusader but privately he’s a mercenary who takes money from the cause he publicly disavows. State Rep. Mark Pocan has made a name for himself as the civic-minded David going up against the greedy corporate Goliath known as ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. Progressives have launched a concerted […]

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