The Curtis Diaries: Guns

Media Trackers dug through the video diaries and compiled notable quotes and statements by Curtis on issues important to Montanans, and we begin with the issue of guns and the Second Amendment.


Anti-Gun Activists Remain Unapologetic About Duping Ohioans

Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence Director Toby Hoover and Center for American Progress anti-gun leader Lance Orchid both failed to apologize for tricking Ohioans into joining gun control mailing lists when questioned at ComFest. A website created after a February 2012 school shooting was, unknown to those submitting condolences, created to promote anti-Second Amendment policies.


New York, Chicago Anti-Gun Groups Fund Key Position in Milwaukee Mayor’s Administration

A top anti-gun official working for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has her job paid for with grants from liberal organizations. According to a paper trail of city records, pay records, and documents filed with the IRS by liberal foundations, money from powerful special interest groups has been given to the City of Milwaukee with the condition that the money be used to support the agenda and work of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.