Cowles Stands With Armageddon Democrats on Mining Bill

As was widely expected, Green Bay area Sen. Rob Cowles-(R), cast the lone GOP vote against a bill to allow sulfide mining to resume in Wisconsin after a near 20 year absence. Cowles told Media Trackers weeks ago that he had concerns that resuming mining could impact water quality in Northeast Wisconsin.  Cowles’ no vote […]

Assembly Passes Mining Bill: Are Votes There in the Senate?

The State Assembly Thursday on a 53-38 vote approved a bill that would allow gold and copper mining in Wisconsin again. But securing votes in the senate for an expected vote next week in support of repealing Wisconsin’s mining moratorium is proving to be difficult, even with the support of mining experts who say the bill is […]


Mining Opponents Hit the Road with Media Tour

With time ticking away before the state legislature is set to take up SB 395; a bill which would lift the Wisconsin moratorium on sulfide mining, environmental groups are pulling out all the stops to kill the bill before it goes to the floor for a vote. According to the bill’s lead author, state Senator Tom […]

“Back Forty” Mine Faces Uphill Battle with the Spread of Mining Misinformation

The Aquila Resource mining company is facing an uphill battle to promote the potential “back forty” mine as misinformation about the mining industry has affected county boards in Wisconsin and their decisions to pass resolutions opposing the mines earlier this summer. Aquila’s Director of Social Performance and Engagement Chantae Lessard spoke with Media Tracker’s Director of […]

“Back Forty” Mine Holds up To Gedicks’ and Gauger’s Criticism

  As debate heats up over a proposal to repeal Wisconsin’s mining moratorium, Media Trackers recently looked at the backgrounds of environmentalist figures Al Gedicks and Laura Gauger. Gedicks and Gauger are high profile figures in the opposition to repealing the moratorium. In a previous article by Media Trackers, Gedicks was shown to have exhibited radical behavior […]


Podcast: What Reviving Mining Would Mean to Northern Wisconsin

As debate is expected to heat up over lifting Wisconsin’s moratorium on sulfide mining,  Florence County Director of Economic Development Wendy Gehlhoff spoke with Media Trackers Communications Director Jerry Bader Friday on how vital resumption of mining would be to her region. A public hearing on a bill co-sponsored by Senator Tom Tiffany and Representative […]

Why Mining’s Return is Critical to One NE WI County

While the environmental left continues to argue against the mining moratorium repeal proposed recently by two Republican lawmakers, Wendy Gehlhoff, Director of the Florence County Economic Development, shared new insights on why mining could be extremely beneficial to Wisconsin. Adding to what Ladysmith City administrator Al Christianson said to Media Trackers last week on the success […]

Flambeau Mine: Separating Fact From Fiction

While sources like the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters believe that the repeal of the mining moratorium is “reckless legislation,” Ladysmith City administrator Al Christianson proves otherwise as he spoke of the benefits and misrepresentation of the Flambeau mine in an interview with Media Trackers Communication Director Jerry Bader. The WLCV listed many environmental drawbacks […]


The Anti-Mining Hysteria Begins

The environmental left has wasted little time in launching hyperbole at a proposed repeal of Wisconsin’s metallic mineral mining moratorium. Republican Senator Tom Tiffany and Representative Rob Hutton on Thursday introduced a bill repealing the moratorium. on Friday The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters issued a news release titled “Tiffany’s Industrial Acid Mining Bill is […]