Investigation Unearths Inappropriate Emails Sent From Douglas County School Accounts

Teachers and administrators who work for the Douglas County School District (DCSD) used taxpayer-funded government e-mail accounts to illegally campaign for specific political candidates and ballot initiatives, according to e-mails obtained by Media Trackers Colorado.  The e-mails, which were released pursuant to open records requests placed with the county, were originally requested by Parent LED […]


More Movement in Douglas County School District Dispute

Tuesday night marked the first Douglas County School District (DCSD) board meeting since the district officially severed their contract with the local teacher’s union, Douglas County Federation of Teachers (DCFT). The gathering showed some flares of hot tempers, along with additional action being taken by those who oppose the reform-minded Board of Education members. Most significant […]


Douglas County School District Responds to Union Complaint

The Douglas County School District released an official letter over the weekend in response to a Colorado labor department complaint filed by a local teachers’ union. On Friday, the Douglas County Federation of Teachers (DCFT) bypassed the local school district and filed a complaint at the state level with the Department of Labor and Employment, […]