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The Journal-Sentinel’s Photo ID Hypocrisy

The distance between stating something as  fact and strongly implying it is fact appears to be wide when it comes to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Their PolitiFact operation put this Tammy Baldwin tweet to its “truth-o-meter” test: Voter turnout in 2016 was reduced by approx. 200,000 votes because of WI’s photo ID laws. We need to […]

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AP Election Math: “Many Voters” = 4

According to Smart Money Daily, there are four functions of an effective headline: To grab the readers attention. To pre-screen or select your readers. Deliver a complete message. Draw a reader into the story. Let’s take a closer look at #3: If you realize that many more people will read your headlines than will read […]

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Photo ID’s .02% Impact on Wisconsin

One of the stunners in what has been described, repeatedly, by the media as Donald Trump’s stunning victory over Hillary Clinton November 8 was the GOP nominee carrying the state of Wisconsin. Ronald Reagan last accomplished the feat in 1984 and Democrats are attempting to blame Wisconsin’s Photo ID requirement to vote for breaking their […]


Supreme Decree: No Election Integrity with Photo ID

By: Brian Sikma Late Thursday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court declared that it would not hear arguments in two cases challenging the state’s photo ID law before election day. In an anonymous order the Court said that it was declining the motion of the Attorney General to bypass the appellate courts and take up the photo […]


Voter Fraud Cases Don’t Fit The Media Narrative

By Collin Roth According to Jason Stein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Convictions of voter fraud in Wisconsin in recent years have not kept pace with Republican claims of its prevalence in the state.” So despite real cases of voter fraud, a crime with a very high burden of proof, Mr. Stein and his paper have […]

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