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Fast Food Wage Protesters Don’t Wash Hands

Some employees at a local McDonald’s apparently didn’t think following health codes was a prerequisite for demanding a raise. That has become apparent as a local McDonald’s that was recently closed due to health violations is also the same McDonald’s where employees demonstrated last fall calling for fast food workers around the country to receive […]


Costly Propaganda or Essential Service?

By Brian Sikma The 2011-2012 Wisconsin Blue Book is out and available in both hard and digital copies. Last week, hundreds of hard copies of the biannual publication were distributed throughout the state capitol to legislative, executive, and judicial offices. According to the Wisconsin Historical Society, the Blue Book has been published since 1853, and […]


Protesters Storm The Capital

Reports are out that protesters have stormed past police to enter the capital as it was being closed Thursday at 6 PM. The capital was being closed on the order of Dane County Circuit Court Judge John Albert. Early reports from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel describe potential police collusion as a demonstrator claimed a policeman […]