The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s Epic Fail

Facts are stubborn things. Especially when you get even the basic ones wrong. That’s exactly what Matt Rothschild, the executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign (WDC) did on Tuesday in an attack on an upcoming bill making its way through the Wisconsin state legislature which would mitigate wetlands permits from the Wisconsin Department of […]

Rep. Weatherston’s “Endorsement” of Dem Mayor Candidate Now A “Misunderstanding”

Republican State Representative Thomas Weatherston has taken heavy fire from Milwaukee conservative talk radio hosts for seemingly endorsing Democratic candidate Cory Mason over conservative candidate Sandy Weidner in the Racine Mayoral race. Along with his reported endorsement, Representative Barca and the Working Families party also wrote in support of Mason. Weatherston’s apparent act of support […]


Assembly Ed. Plan Could Cost Milwaukee, Green Bay Schools Millions

Green Bay Public schools have been bleeding students to other school districts for years through open-enrollment. And under a K-12 education spending plan unveiled by Republicans this week, the loss of students to other public school districts could cost Green Bay more than $2 million a school year in state aid. When a student transfers […]


EXCLUSIVE: Actions of Wall for Congress Manager Raise Questions of Illegal Coordination

By Collin Roth Evidence uncovered by Media Trackers indicates that the campaign manager for Jamie Wall, a Democrat running in the 8th Congressional District, worked for both a left-wing labor organization targeting Wall’s opponent Rep Reid Ribble while working for the Wall Campaign. Paula Zellner, a former aide to Sen. Russ Feingold, was employed as […]


GAB Says Voter Registration Form Details Matter; Racine Clerk Left Out Details

By: Brian Sikma Tossing state standards and protocol aside, Racine City Clerk Janice Johnson-Martin maintained that it was perfectly acceptable for her to approve voter registration forms that were incomplete and missing data required by the Government Accountability Board. Now, the GAB says that every part of the voter registration form is important, and ignoring […]


Racine Mayor Wanted To Ban Poll Observers In Recall

By: Brian Sikma Before the June 5 recall election, and even before the May 8 recall election primary, Racine Mayor John Dickert was scheming for ways to prevent election observers from being present for elections in Racine, e-mails from the Mayor’s office reveal. Dickert insisted in an e-mail to City Clerk Janice Johnson-Martin dated April […]


Racine City Clerk Says Protocol, Forms Don’t Matter

By: Brian Sikma The Racine City Clerk is defending her action to sign incomplete voter registration forms by saying it has been her office’s custom for years to ignore the portions of the form that the Government Accountability Board (GAB) intended to be used to note a voter’s proof of residency, the Racine Journal Times […]