Revisiting the Champions of Prevailing Wage Reform

Repealing the prevailing wage law in Wisconsin has been a battle for Republicans since the planning of the 2015-17 state budget, and in the last budget, was successfully repealed. Over the years, repealing prevailing wage was met with opposition from both sides, including figures like Speaker Robin Vos, who stripped State Representative Andre Jacque from his Assembly committee chairmanships […]

Why Mining’s Return is Critical to One NE WI County

While the environmental left continues to argue against the mining moratorium repeal proposed recently by two Republican lawmakers, Wendy Gehlhoff, Director of the Florence County Economic Development, shared new insights on why mining could be extremely beneficial to Wisconsin. Adding to what Ladysmith City administrator Al Christianson said to Media Trackers last week on the success […]


Lawmakers Propose Repealing Metallic Mineral Mining Ban

Two Republican lawmakers have introduced a bill to lift Wisconsin’s longstanding moratorium on metallic mineral mining. The bill by State Senator Tom Tiffany and Representative Rob Hutton repeals the existing prohibition on issuing sulfide ore mining permits. Current law prohibits the DNR from issuing any permits for the purpose of mining a sulfide ore body until […]