Reporter: Sen. Ron Johnson “Biggest Douche”

By: Brian Sikma A political reporter, who frequently covered Senator Ron Johnson (R) from 2010 to 2012, yesterday called the senator the “Biggest Douche” in Washington. Clay Barbour, who left the Wisconsin State Journal last September around the time of layoffs at the newspaper, made the comment in a Facebook post left on the wall […]


Poll: Americans Favor Cuts To Gov’t Spending, Media Spins Support For Tax Hikes

By Paul Thurman A new Politico/GWU/Battleground poll finds that 76 percent of Americans favor “Cutting government spending across the board” to avert the fiscal cliff but local and national media continue to focus on tax hikes rather than spending cuts and entitlement reform. Politico’s recent headline to a POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground Poll reads, “Battleground […]


One Wisconsin Now Attacks Wrong Ron Johnson

By Collin Roth Unveiled on Friday, the left-wing group One Wisconsin Now eagerly pushed their new attack blog against Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson titled “Our Dumb Senator.” The site is meant to compile all of the “dumb” things Sen. Johnson has said in one convenient place. But it took less than a week for One […]