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Tammy Baldwin And Universal Health Care: A Brief History

By Jerry Bader and Sam Morateck It comes as no surprise that MoveOn.org  last week included Wisconsin Democrat Tammy Baldwin in a group of Senators it is endorsing. Baldwin’s name appears along with far left Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. MoveOn.org applauds Baldwin for championing …”progressive issues such as universal health care…”  But Baldwin […]


Montana Media Ignores Third-Party Candidate’s Ties to Violent Militia

Media Trackers research has uncovered startling information regarding Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Dan Cox’s past, revealing close ties to a violent militia group, which at one point sought to assassinate federal law officials. Despite the information being accessible to the mainstream media, the state’s largest publications continue to tout Cox as a likely spoiler in the state’s […]


Herman Cain endorses George LeMieux

Tonite at the Hernando County Lincoln Day Dinner Former Presidential Candidate Herman Cain announced his endorsement of George LeMieux’s candidacy for US Senate. George LeMieux served in the US Senate when then Governor Charlie Crist appointed him to serve the remainder of Mel Martinez’s term. LeMieux is currently running against Representative Connie Mack IV, Colonel […]