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Steineke and Fitzgerald: Dueling Interviews on Budget Stalemate

The Republican Majority Leaders for the state Senate and Assembly both said they’re close on a budget deal Friday. Yet their positions still sounded worlds apart in separate interviews with Media Trackers Communications Director Jerry Bader. Governor Scott Walker offered Fitzgerald and Speaker Robin Vos the use of $200 million proposed tax cuts to instead […]

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In Search for New Taxes, Illinois Picks Wisconsin’s Brain

The state of Illinois is nearly $12 billion in debt, which has forced lawmakers to scramble for whatever sources of tax revenue they can. Republican Illinois Governor Bruce Launer has been portrayed in the media as Illinois’ Scott Walker: a GOP reformer trying to bring big state government down to size. Yet, if the latest proposal goes […]

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Tax Refund Reactions Show Liberal Tax Illiteracy

After legislative changes reduced the amount Wisconsin income earners have withheld in state taxes from their paychecks, state income tax refunds have not surprisingly went down. But while the correlation between reduced withholdings and lower tax refunds may not surprise most, the liberal reaction to reduced income tax refunds shows just how much some liberals don’t understand how taxes are collect.

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