Teacher Sent Porn While Students Were in The Classroom

Democratic Governor candidate Tony Evers is being questioned for his inconsistency in regards to legislation that gives the Department of Public Instruction the power to revoke a teacher’s licence if they are found viewing porn on school computers. On two occasions dealing with this problem, it has been demonstrated that Evers as Superintendent of DPI […]


Evers includes Conservative Talk Stations in Anti-Foxconn(APPARENTLY VERY SMALL) Media Buy

State Superintendent of Schools Tony Evers launched his first radio ad Monday in his campaign to earn the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican Governor Scott Walker next year. The ad running in the Green Bay, Milwaukee and Wausau markets sharply criticizes the proposed agreement with Foxconn to bring thousands of jobs to Wisconsin. What’s notable […]


Tony Evers is Hardly an Electoral Juggernaut

When many Democrats discuss the newly minted gubernatorial candidacy of Wisconsin state Superintendent for Public Instruction Tony Evers, they bring up a number of responses. They point out that Evers holds a statewide office and heads the state’s education bureaucracy. This is usually followed up by showcasing that Evers have won three statewide elections (2009, 2013, […]


Wisconsin’s ESSA Plans Fail to Impress

The due date for the proposal of the Every Student Succeeds Act is rapidly approaching for Wisconsin and concerns are being expressed that the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Evers, is becoming a road block to the possibility of any progressive reforms for Wisconsin’s education plan. ESSA is the federal law enacted in 2015 that replaced the […]


Evers Shows His Opposition to Choice in All Kinds of Education

He may not officially be an “announced candidate” for governor, but Wisconsin State Superintendent for Public Instruction Tony Evers has already staked out its avenue of attack for the 2018 gubernatorial campaign: President Donald Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. In a fund raising email sent to its supporters last week, “Team Tony Evers” […]

DPI Candidate Admits He’s Still a Progressive; Just Not on Education Issues

Saying he is running to head up Wisconsin’s education bureaucracy, and not for governor, candidate for state Superintendent of Public Instruction John Humphries on Thursday addressed many of the controversies swirling around his recent political past. Humphries, a veteran school administrator at a number of various school districts throughout Wisconsin, joined talk radio host and Media Trackers Communication […]


Wis. DPI and U.S. DOJ Harass Choice Schools, May Violate Law

As was reported last month by Media Trackers, a group of Wisconsin GOP Senators has gotten involved in what seems to be a drastic overstep by the U.S. Department of Justice into Wisconsin’s School Choice program – often referred to as the school voucher program. Now it appears that while the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, under […]