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WI College Dem Vice Chair: I F**king Hate White Men

The Vice Chair of the Wisconsin College Democrats tweeted Thursday that “I F**king hate white men.” You can see Sarah Semrad’s unedited tweet here: In a tweet from last month, Semrad also suggested she engages in vandalism at the UW-La Crosse campus: Semrad’s Twitter account is locked; only those she allows can view it. But […]


Flamboyant Republican Roger Stone Hints at Gubernatorial Bid

Roger Stone, the former Republican strategist with a flair for unconventional techniques, hinted at a possible gubernatorial run in Florida Florida Governor. On Thursday, Stone tweeted, “maybe I should run for Gov of Fla as a Libertarian in 2014.” Stone, a vocal critic of former Governor Charlie Crist, left the Republican party in early 2012. […]


Teamsters Embrace Conspiracy, Tweet Support Of Hand Recount For June 5, Ballots

By Collin Roth Last week, the radical left-wing anti-corporate organization Wisconsin Wave announced their intent to organize a hand recount of the June 5, recall election citing a belief that voting machines may have malfunctioned or manipulated the results. Wisconsin Wave suggests that voting machines may have been involved in an election fraud plot because […]