Levy Supporters Worry Issue 2 Distracts from Local Proposals

Supporters of local tax levies have expressed concern that the Voters First Ohio amendment – appearing on ballots statewide as Issue 2 – is so long, voters will ignore down-ballot local issues. Voters First held a press conference this week reminding Issue 2 supporters to vote on subsequent ballot issues, many of which benefit local […]


Buckeye Institute: Auto Industry Bailout a Failure

The taxpayer-funded bailouts of General Motors and Chrysler were a failure, according to Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions visiting fellow Andrew Grossman. In a policy brief the free-market think tank released on October 18, Grossman criticized the use of Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds to “rescue” Chrysler and GM as a politically-motivated labor […]


Funding Data Prove Voters First is a Union Front

The initial Voters First Ohio campaign finance report filed July 31 with the Ohio Secretary of State confirms Voters First is a union front group, as Media Trackers has reported since May. Voters First describes itself as “a coalition of nonpartisan groups and people from across Ohio,” but public records prove Voters First is – […]


Despite Denial, ProgressOhio Regularly Coordinated with Occupy Movement

Despite a recent public denial of any connection to the Occupy Movement, the far-left Columbus group ProgressOhio regularly coordinated events and strategy with Occupy Columbus, including hosting weekly Occupy Columbus meetings at ProgressOhio headquarters.  Following last week’s FBI allegations that multiple Occupy organizers plotted to bomb a Cleveland bridge, WTAM 1100 reported, “Progress Ohio executive […]