Teachers Union Works With Leftist Groups to Train Legislative Candidates

Several teachers who are members of the Ohio Education Association (OEA) – Ohio’s largest public employee union – are campaigning to transition into professional politics with training from far-left organizations. Using last year’s failed Republican attempt at public union reform as motivation, OEA is promoting the candidacies of public school teachers the union has groomed for […]


Ohio Taxpayers Benefit From Union Reform Despite Its Defeat

Ohio taxpayers in many school districts are benefiting from the public union reforms passed in 2011 by Republicans in the General Assembly, although the reforms themselves were blocked from ever taking effect. Senate Bill 5 (SB 5), which was repealed through a referendum process engineered by union front group We Are Ohio, sought to allow […]

We Are Ohio Organizations

We Are Ohio Bankrolled by Liberal Unions, Not Bipartisan Citizen Groups

Labor groups funneled more than $40 million last year to We Are Ohio, the Super PAC formed to repeal legislation limiting government workers’ collective bargaining privileges. During the same period, individual Ohioans contributed only $440,652.68, although We Are Ohio bills itself as “citizen-driven.” And while We Are Ohio claims to be “community-based,” more than $20 […]

We Are Ohio Organizations

Out-of-State Unions Fueled We Are Ohio’s Repeal Push in 2011

Out-of-state labor unions poured more than $20 million last year into “We Are Ohio,” a Super PAC that worked to repeal state legislation limiting collective bargaining and striking privileges for government employees.  Nearly half of the organization’s funding — over 47 percent — came from unions in Washington, D.C. and other states. Although We Are […]