A Closer Look at the UW Voter ID Survey

While One Wisconsin Now and the New York Times are claiming that Wisconsin’s Voter ID law has “deterred” thousands of voters from voting in the 2016 election, there are many more factors that are at play which they both  avoid. A closer look at a study of registered voters conducted by University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor […]

UW-Madison Students Depict Beheading Cops to Promote Anti-Police Clothing Line

In a strange and disturbing mix of advertising and depiction of brutality, UW Madison student Eneale Pickett released a video promoting his clothing line which takes aim at the police. The shockingly brutal anti-police video was found being promoted on UW Madison’s IT platform, “UW-Madison Box” which depicts a cop being beheaded. Senator Stephan Nass […]

Marquette Staff Trying to Sabotage Ben Shapiro Speech

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro is popular with the under-thirty crowd, which may explain the reception he’s gotten on college campuses. First reported by Young America’s Foundation (YAF), an effort appears to be underway from members of the Marquette faculty to intentionally sabotage a planned on campus event with Shapiro scheduled for the evening of February 8. […]