Anti-Gun Democrat Announces for Wisconsin Attorney General Race

Adamantly anti-gun Wisconsin Representative Jon Richards has officially filed paperwork to run for attorney general as a Democrat. If elected, Richards would lead the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) as the state’s top cop. Earlier this month, the DOJ issued its 200,000th concealed carry permit. A week later, Attorney General JB Van Hollen announced he […]


Citizen Action Medicaid Expansion Endorsement Reads like Political Roster

A liberal organization pushing for Wisconsin to accept federal Medicaid expansion dollars provided by ObamaCare has assembled a list of groups that are opposed to Governor Scott Walker’s decision to reject the federal money. The effort, though noteworthy in its scope, reveals absolutely nothing that was not already known: liberal groups in Wisconsin oppose Governor […]


Unique to “Galaxy,” Circus World Begs for Taxpayer Money

Declaring the Circus World Museum to be “Wisconsin’s crown jewel” with nothing like it perhaps in the “galaxy,” Circus World supporters told the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee last week that state taxpayers need to spend millions of dollars to support the museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Circus World Foundation, a private entity that runs the Circus […]


REPORT: Walker Halfway to Jobs Goal

It is bad news for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, but good news for Wisconsin workers. The John K. MacIver Institute, a think-tank in Madison, has reviewed data from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages and found that the number of private sector workers in Wisconsin grew by 137,372 from January 2011 to September […]

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