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Aborted DPW Open Records Request Wastes Time, Taxpayer Money

Fearing success is an unenviable political position. But it is the one in which Wisconsin Democrats currently find themselves in the Foxconn debate. Even before Foxconn’s plan for a $10 billion dollar campus creating as many as 13,000 jobs was announced, Democrats and their allies at One Wisconsin Now were throwing shade at the proposal. […]


Did a Last Minute Jim Doyle Move Cost the State Millions?

On December 22, 2010, then-Governor Jim Doyle’s Department of Administration renewed a rental lease for the State Department of Corrections offices in Madison that State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk says cost the state millions more than the cost of building a new office building would have. Adamczyk says just two weeks before Republican Scott Walker would […]


Leesburg Commissioners Plan Utility Rate Hike to Aid Slush Fund

Leesburg City Commissioners are holding a public hearing this evening on the city’s plans to raise fees for customers of the city-owned utility company, with the higher prices slated to bolster a government revenue slush fund. Commissioners did not identify shortfalls in the utility budget, but say they are looking for new sources of revenue […]


Costly Propaganda or Essential Service?

By Brian Sikma The 2011-2012 Wisconsin Blue Book is out and available in both hard and digital copies. Last week, hundreds of hard copies of the biannual publication were distributed throughout the state capitol to legislative, executive, and judicial offices. According to the Wisconsin Historical Society, the Blue Book has been published since 1853, and […]


Comparison Shows Folly of Proposed Milwaukee Streetcar

MILWAUKEE – Media Trackers, a conservative non-partisan watchdog group, recently looked at the Portland, Oregon streetcar system and compared it to the proposed Milwaukee streetcar system. Advocates of a Milwaukee streetcar have suggested that Portland’s system serves as a good model for their plans. The Portland system currently has an annual operating cost of $5.5 […]