The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s Epic Fail

Facts are stubborn things. Especially when you get even the basic ones wrong. That’s exactly what Matt Rothschild, the executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign (WDC) did on Tuesday in an attack on an upcoming bill making its way through the Wisconsin state legislature which would mitigate wetlands permits from the Wisconsin Department of […]


Vandals Attack WMC Ahead of Monday Protests

By Collin Roth Over the weekend, vandals attacked the Madison office of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce with anti-business, anti-Walker graffiti . Fists, images of Governor Scott Walker, and slogans such as “tax the rich” were painted on the building and sidewalks around the office of the state’s chamber of commerce. The actions of the vandals […]


88% Of Business Leaders Believe Wisconsin Is On the Right Track

On Thursday, the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce released a generally optimistic 2011 Economic Outlook Survey that reported that 88% of those business leaders and job creators surveyed felt Wisconsin is moving in the right direction. This represents an astounding turnaround from 2010 when just 10% believed Wisconsin was moving in the right direction. And while […]